Республика Казахстан
ул. Конституции Казахстана, 54
офис 216
+7 (707) 956-00-00
+7 (776) 956-00-00
Республика Казахстан, Петропавловск ул. Конституции Казахстана, 54, оф. 2
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Оптовая поставка масличных и зерновых культур


Consumption of grain and oilseeds increases every year and, respectively, the demand for this type of product is very high. For more than 16 years Asia Trade Agro Company can withstand the tough competition in the market of grain and oilseeds supply.We ship the crops to all CIS countries and far abroad, including EU countries (Germany, UK, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain), expanding the export circle every year. Many grain and oilseed supply companies have certain rules and restrictions while we work without any restrictions and promptly carry out any shipping, regardless of volumes of the corps or distances. Due to many years of professional experience, our company has established relationships with all internal and external partners and works with manufacturers of different types, both large and small.

We can provide you with the most convenient to you delivery type:1) By land (auto/railway transportation of goods) 2) By sea (large-capacity marine vessels). It is convenient to work with us because:• We have our own website; check up with it and you will learn more information regarding grains and oilseeds, namely: a) the range of products offered b) conditions of delivery c) addresses of linear and remote granaries at the territory of North-Kazakhstan region working on purchase and consolidation of grains and oilseeds d) latest international news • We have highly trained staff – every employee of our company will give you detailed consult, explanation, advice, or help to choose; • We are one of the leaders in supply of grain, rape, flax (and many other types of crops) from Kazakhstan to almost anywhere in the world; • Our specialists are constantly engaged in monitoring the market of agricultural crops and are always aware of the events that allows us to monitor the price situation and its stability. We are working on a long-term contract basis and following single orders;• We are subject to certain benefits and discounts for regular customers;• You can leave online request or call the above number at any time of the day. It is our Asia Trade Agro company which can deliver you grains and oilseeds of any class and grade (at you wish), timely ship high-quality delivery in any amount, will provide all necessary documents and quality guarantee oforn any product. We value and respect each customer and are ready to do everything possible in order to supplies everything at the high level highest quality so the customers are very happy!

Contacts:Constitution of Kazakhstan St. 54-216, Petropavlovsk city, North-Kazakhstan region, Kazakhstan