Республика Казахстан
ул. Конституции Казахстана, 54
офис 216
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Республика Казахстан, Петропавловск ул. Конституции Казахстана, 54, оф. 2
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Оптовая поставка масличных и зерновых культур

Asia Trade Agro - wheat in Kazakhstan

Nowadays there are so many kinds of grains and oilseeds in the world, and their number is up to hundreds and thousands of varieties. Buying this type of crops is a pretty difficult thing. We can call it an "art" skill which not everyone possesses. You can buy "anything" and "anywhere" but you need work hard in order to purchase high-quality products of the best kind. Asia Trade Agro Company offers you the highest quality product in Kazakhstan. Everyone starting from purchaser and ending with the end-buyer of the finished product (whether it is bread or oil) shall remain satisfied with their choice. Grains and oilseeds play a huge role in a human life. They are of great value in agriculture (both in food industry and animal husbandry). In many cases when you purchase any of the offered crops, such as wheat, rape, flax or barley, it is the point of high volumes and, consequently, large sums of money. For the past five years Asia Trade Agro company is a trustworthy partner of the largest companies in the field of production and processing of these crops. We ship the crops to all the CIS countries, China and Iran. When choosing wheat it is very important to know what properties determine its quality. The protein content should be at the level of 11-17%. The quality of bread deteriorates with the protein content of more than 17-19% or less than 11%. The gluten content is calculated as the ratio of wet gluten to the total protein content. Gluten defines baking qualities of flour. Thus, in accordance with GOST 9353-90, grain of the highest class must contain 36% of gluten; the 1st — 32%; the 2nd — 28%; the 3rd — 23% and the 4th — 18%. Besides, there are some other issues that show wheat quality: typical composition, condition, smell, color, falling number, vitreousness, nature, impurities and sprouted grains. Wheat from Asia Trade Agro is the choice of professionals! Important:* As you know, grains/oilseeds are divided into 2 grades - soft and hard. Professional specialists know that the difference between.